We are Tramontana

We are a firm of product, space and message designers, consecrated to the pursuit of beauty, utility and prosperity for our partners and customers. Tramontana is our name.

We seek beauty. Useful beauty. There is no meaning in work unless it be devoted to something higher than efficiency. We design, project, compose and narrate in the search for intellectual delight. All of our doings meet in that cause. We yearn for a narrative that is music, and for music that is architecture. And for all of it to be design. In a photograph, an icon, a chord or a taste. We find the same pleasure in the rhythm of a grid as in the waves that pound our shores.

We pursue prosperity for our customers. Work done right, the effort and honesty both in the form and result. Satisfaction stands before profit. That our customers’ success be our own. Their reputation be ours. None of this is unbeknown to us.

Mathematics, logic and numbers are our tools of the trade. A clear purpose and the systems to solve the challenges of function. Calculation and a set-square, to measure and to optimize as guides to our purpose. We declare ourselves sons of reason and modernity.

Our work leans against two thousand years of ideas and works. The harmonies of Theon of Smyrna and Plato’s Timaeus inspire us. We are elevated by Thomas Aquinas’ Claritas Pulchri, Agustine of Hippo’s ‘Debita Proportio’ or Pacioli’s forms. The Atticism of M.F.K Fisher and the meticulousness of Escoffier. We are impelled to work by the formulations of Corbusier, Gropius or the Ulm masters. Cartier-Bresson’s search for geometry and Gertrud Grunow’s composition. We reclaim this past and the responsibility of projecting it into the future.

Our flag flutters with the northern wind that pierces the mountain with its ideas and rustles our very own essence: land, vineyard, food, music, sea. This wind is our wind, changing us, improving us. And that’s why we carry its name: Tramontana.

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