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For my Digital Story I plan to do option 1. Although I would love to participate in service-learning and be able to become involved in different communities and help them, it doesn’t seem realistic for me since I am still adjusting to life in college. If in the future I would be able to participate in service-learning I would be very interested in doing so. I chose option 1 because I believe developing a creative narrative that reflects the campus engagement will truly help me experience and explore more of the campus as well as help me explore college as a first generation student. This option seems more interactive with the community at the University of Minnesota and I would love to become more involved. In my opinion the involvement in the school you are attending is very important. By choosing this option I will receive the opportunity to meet different student groups, creative productions, and research with faculty. Having the ability to meet and work along side these different communities and groups seem extremely exciting as an incoming Freshman. I would like to gather information by participating with these different communities and groups, I feel it would be a wonderful experience in welcoming myself to this campus as well as learning new ways to express myself. I could also gather information by giving surveys to the student body in an attempt to understand and learn more about the University of Minnesota. Additionally, I could hold interviews with different students and faculty members to get a better understanding of their ideas and commentary. Some research questions I would like to explore is: what is the best way for Freshman to become involved with the college community, what advice would faculty members give to incoming students about being successful in college, and lastly how do first generation students feel about college thus far and how does it compare to the “American dream”? I feel these questions are adequate in learning about the campus environment here at the University of Minnesota! They are also interesting questions to me because they allow me to explore more of how to do well in college as well learn more about how other first generations students feel about college. As a first generation student I am very interested in how others similar to me, feel in the situation we are in. If possible I would also be interested in researching the opinions of students of color! As an Asian-American I would love to know what students of color, similar to me, feel about college and their experiences. It would be very interesting to see how their answers differ in results compared to white students. I am curious as to how their experiences differ depending on race or ethnicity. Since a large majority of the student body is composed of students of color, I feel it would be rather easy to retrieve data or results for my research questions.

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