360-degree and Virtual Reality: they are different.

Since 2015, 360-degree videos/pictures has become one of the most popular trends around the world. Along with that, people also learn more about the word “Virtual Reality” (VR). So, the question is how many people know the differences between these two technologies? In this blog, I will write a brief definition of 360-degree videos/pictures and VR. Also, I will share some links about making the video with these technologies and some cool 360-degree camera you can get.

First, let talk about 360-degree videos/pictures. 360-degree videos/pictures are massive of videos or pictures of a view in every direction which is recorded at the same time, to shoot these video or pictures, you can use an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras.

Due to the technical support, Medium does not have the 360-degree support function, please click here to what the example video.

Explanation and 360-degree video making tutorial: click here.

Some cool cameras: click here.

360-degree videos/pictures are not created for only entertainment, but nowadays, it has been used also for news, business, education, security, sciences and others.

How about Virtual Reality? I will tell you my experience with Virtual Reality.

Last week, I went to New York City for a National convention of National Broadcasting Society. My friends and I had spent a day on touring technologies stores near Time Squares. Personally, I love technology, especially things like VR. We decided to stop by Microsoft store for a virtual tour. We spent around 20 minutes on walking there, but I did not regret that decision.

Usually, you must book the tour ahead of time. They will send you back the confirmation of date and time that you can come and tour the facilities. My friends and I did not know about that. We came and ask to have the tour. At first, they said “No”, but a guy named Daniel helped us to convince. He was also our tour guide later.

He brought us to lap, and in there, the technical team gave us a short training of how to use Hololens before we could touch it. (Volvo Developer Hololens)

The coolest thing of Hololens is now, when you have an online video call, and both of you have Hololens. You will see that the “physical reality image” of people who join you with the video call. It is no longer a flat image. (Hololens’ information)(Video)

After Hololens, we came down for the Virtual tour. During the tour, each of us had different experience with VR headset and plus-in accessories. We played games, drew pictures, built houses and many other things. We had a great time through the tour.

These pictures below are different VR headset from Microsoft, Apple and Samsung.

There are only four stores of Microsoft where you can have full experiences of the virtual tour (included Hololens): New York, Washington, Australia and I cannot remember the last one.

I want to show some pictures, but Microsoft team did not allow us to record video or take a picture of the lab. However, please check out the links on my blog and do not hesitate to book a tour in Microsoft stores if you live near by the neighborhoods.




#WTAMU #MCOM Student. Double majoring in Broacasting/Electronic Media and Public Relation/Advertising/Applied Communication. Film director is my career goal.

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Tran Nguyen

Tran Nguyen

#WTAMU #MCOM Student. Double majoring in Broacasting/Electronic Media and Public Relation/Advertising/Applied Communication. Film director is my career goal.

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