Blog #1: Social Media: create a useful tool, not a harmful tool.

Nowadays, social media platforms become a tool which helps everyone connects with other people and promotes his or her personal brand. Especially, some companies, agencies or organizations can find a talented person who fits in an empty position through some social media pages like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Because of that, as college students, we are taught to build at least a professional social media page for the hope of a bright future. My blog will include some small tips to help my fellow friends avoid “should-not-make” mistakes.

#1: Pay attention to your grammar and spelling:

Growing up in the digital era, we have been texting on our phone for such a long time. We sometimes do not really pay attention to our grammar and spelling when we text. However, our texting habit can ruin our dream job. According to web recruiting firm Jobvite’s study (2013), 61% of recruiters pay close attention to grammar or spelling errors on potential applicants’ social media profiles. Nonetheless, I believe that “practice makes perfect.”

Here are some tips that I usually do to avoid some minor grammar/ spelling errors:
• Type your important information or description on Microsoft Word. This awesome program is a good place to help you check your spelling and some simple grammar. 
• Save your profile as private mode and go back later to review again before publishing it.
• When you think you fill out 100% of your profile, use the button “View as….” on any of your social media to see how your profile look like to other people.
• Let your friends, professors, family or anyone close to you review your profile.

#2: Finish your profile up to at least 95% and highlight your skills

Potential employers do not know who you are, how you can fit in the position they are looking for, and what your skills are. To get to know you, they will not only read through your resume, but they will also check out your social media. As you may know, 100% completed profile can give you a higher opportunity to catch your future employer’s attention. To hit the home run ball, you need to take sometimes to highlight all of your skills. You may think customer service is not required for the job that you apply for, but you never knew what will happen. Take your time, list all the skills that you are proficient and write a short description about those skills or how you apply your skills to your work experience. Also, fill out your profile and highlight your skills are a way to brand yourself.

Here are some tips I use to fill out my online profile:
• Fill out all basic information.
• Spend a full morning or evening during a weekend to write down my experience, my works, my awards and descriptions for each section.
• Review my profile.
• Some social media pages will ask you some questions like “Where did you go to for your high school ?” or “Tell us more about …. job.” Try to answers all the questions. Those questions may be the missing information that you did not fill out on your profile.

#3: In Qualman’s book, he writes “Complain = Digital Pain”

We are human, I understand that. Couple years ago, I used to post a lot of complain about my classes, school, teachers and even some random restaurant services. However, when I read those posts again, I feel embarrassed about myself. I wonder everyone has the same problems like me why they don’t post it online. Then, I have learned that complain about my Facebook page is a way to solve any of my problems, I am wasting time and my future employers or my potential clients are reading those complaints. I start training myself to have a better manner online and to think carefully before I post anything online. I also read through my Facebook to delete all the embarrassing posts and photos. You may think memes post is fun to share, but your future employers may not have the same thought as you.

Here are my tips to save your time but still can check your old post:
• Turn on the notification of “On this day” on Facebook. It will help you save plenty of time to check your old posts, tags, and photos in the past.
• Create a new account if your old one is too messy. (I delete my old Twitter account because it is a mess with a lot of dramas and crazy stuff. I used to be immature, young and wild.) 
• Read through your post and make sure it will not hurt or defend you in the future before you post it online. If you try to attack somebody by your words, think twice and find a way to be a better you.

#4 Manage the time you spend on your social media:

Your future employers love to see your active social media pages. They also love to see how your daily life is. However, if they see you post something new every five minutes, they will question about your concentration at work: will your pay attention during the team meeting, will you snapchat every time you can in your office, will you check you Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat when you are working, etc…There are many more questions come to their mind when your future employers see the time you spend on your social media pages. Also, posting every single thing you do daily can be your harm. There are not only your future employers who follow your social media pages, but you may have some strangers who follow you on social media as well. Spend your time wisely and effectively.

Hopefully, my writing can help you to create a professional look for your social media. This is my assignment for my New Media class. I will appreciate if you can leave me some feedback. Thank you and Have a nice one

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