Crises Online — how it happens.

When we are talking about Crises Online, many of us may immediately think about recently controversy event of United Airlines. You can see how powerful the Internet is and how people react to the event. Even thought United’s CEO apologized twice and promised refunding the full amount of tickets for every passenger on the flight 3411 from Chicago to Kentucky, United has been losing hundred million dollars. Read more here.

However, United Airlines is not the only example of crises online. Here are some more examples that I want to write about in this blog:

  1. Pepsi: read more here

Pepsi has promoted a campaign to spread the message of unity, peace, and understanding. However, the way they deliver the message make many people piss off. Because of the controversy, the ad has risen on Twitter, the company has to give an apology and remove the ad.

Pepsi ad becomes one of the topics that some TV show hosts bring up on their show to talk with the audiences, here is an example.

2. Nivea: read more here

The picture itself is ok, the slogan itself is fine. However, Nivea combines them together and add some more salt by writing “Keep it clean, keep it bright. Don’t let anything ruin it.”

I understand that advertisement slogan have to be short and creative.

I understand that they need to make their product stand out from others in the market.

However, they need to understand that word choice is important, short and creative are not everything, and the controversy product cannot stand out because many people talk about that.

Overall, Nivea hurts itself. The company has to take the ad out of their social media pages and apologize to consumers.

3. Wendy’s Fresh beef — silly argument:

Everything started with a Twitter post on Wendy’s account. There would not be a problem if Wendy’s did not try to argue with a guy that their beef was fresh for serving since founded in 1969. 
I found it was silly to see a big brand try to force a random guy on Twitter to believe that fresh beef is available at fast food restaurant. In the end, to avoid further controversy, Wendy’s block that guy’s account and delete all of his tweets because the company thought that would be the best way to solve the problem. Unfortunately, they forgot to check their tweets that they replied the guy.

Those examples above are not the only three controversies and crises online lately. There are several things like that which are happening every day. However, from those examples, I have learned that in the digital era, regardless of who you are, you need to know that the Internet and online content is easy to spread out. Think twice before you post anything. If you make mistake, do not argue or defense, but apologize and remove all your post immediately.

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