Some Simple, Yet Effective, Ways to Save on Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are doing anything but getting cheaper these days. With ecommerce at an all-time higher and getting higher, the need for shipping has caused a lot of carriers to raise their prices. A lot of the reasons are legitimate, and a lot of them are simply because they can. Either way, there are still ways you can save money on shipping costs.

The easiest and most well-known way to save on shipping costs is to negotiate a rate with your shipping carrier based on your volume (this is usually measured in annual amounts). The more you ship with a certain carrier, the lower your rate can be, so think twice before breaking up your carriers.

Do you ship to the same location, usually? Then you might want to use a regional carrier, who often provide lower rates because they cover a smaller area than national carriers. For example, if you ship only to the West Coast, a regional carrier would be OnTrac.

Be aware of any “hidden” fees your shipping carrier might have. Some carriers tack on a fee for weekend delivery, for getting delivery signatures, and even for delivering straight to a home. If you research these well in advance, you can save yourself some serious cash by working around them.

Skip the post office altogether. How is that even possible, you may find yourself asking. It’s possible because you can now calculate and print your postage directly online. You can then have scheduled times for the USPS to come and pick up your deliveries, for a small fee, of course, or you can just drop them off at any post office or shipping store. While I’m talking about the internet, I should mention that you can save an absolutely ton of money by buying your shipping supplies online. There are so many ecommerce wholesale providers that specialize in shipping supplies, and by cutting out the middle man and buying bulk you get a much better deal.

There is now a thing called dimensional weight, which calculates how much a carrier will charge you based on how big your package is, and not on how much it weighs. This will also help you save in shipping supplies, as you will be more conscientious about the appropriate size and amount you will need.