Just it is today

A strange scent in every wind blows

The leaves turn to gold

I walk in the Brattle street

Through the lives and music of Harvard square

The artist plays a touching acoustic guitar

to my favorite song “Hallelujah”

There’s dawn above at the sky in gray

Now Autumn finally comes to New England

Or maybe it is just today..?

All the new friends and people

I see almost every time

There are years of the past behind

What buried beneath that unfamiliar language and rhythm

Something I’m yet to know

And also the cheerful smiles and hellos

Something I long to know

Don’t interpret me wrong,

There’s absolutely no sorrow

Or any feeling of hatred

or being isolated

Like years ago that haunted my soul

Memories of the ones

I should have had let go

It is just the new world of differences

And in fact..

I enjoy my mistakens

I enjoy my trials

and errors..

Looking at the shades from COOP bookstore windows

Try to figure out what crosses my mind

The only thing I realize

is about time — it flies

as fast as it may

An eye blink — a night becomes a day

A nocturne plays..

And the privilege of time just slips away..

But now..

at this particular moment

standing still where people come out from the Red Line station

Something deep inside

after decades of soul in silence and frozen ice

The signs awaken..

When the very first Fall


to New England..

<27 Sep 2014>

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