Zetachain Zeta Token Hunt- Airdrop confirmed for testnet use on the network.

👉 Link to participate in the test: Here


Step 1: Go to the zetachain link (https://t.co/otBQLsxWcZ). Connect the wallet to add Goerli test network 👉🏿Verify with twitter (condition of twitter for more than 1 month)

👉Verify wallet

👉 Request ZETA Testnet

👉🏻 Try exchange

B2: Go get GoerliETH at the model (https://faucet.paradigm.xyz/)

(connect twitter). or go to goerli-faucet (https://goerli-faucet.pk910.de/)

Go get Zeta Test at Discord

(https://discord.com/invite/NKAUn7d5vX) (go to Zeta-Faucet) fill in Zeta dropper with wallet address

B3: Back to Zetachain 👉🏿 Swap 👉🏿 Swap from one system to another, every day it swaps back and forth 2 times, daily into the swap to earn Poin Zeta points (this number of points will be change to Zeta token at launch, rate rules unpublished)

B4: Send feedback in discord (https://discord.gg/NKAUn7d5vX) (go to testnet item -Feedback, send some proof of what you did or see if there are any errors, send it with the wallet)

B5: Request NFT ZETA Supporter (https://galxe.com/ZetaChain/campaign/GCcGZUtnHZ) (Complete the tasks below then Request NFT, require Polygon network)

B6 : Crew3 LINK




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