How Did My Linux Journey Began?

I love changes. In fact, I cannot stick to a certain thing for long. That’s what happened with my Windows journey. I started using computer dated back in 1998. Playing games was my favorite pastime. It fascinated me with all those graphics and lively mimics of the real things. Things changed. Time’s passed. After a few years, in 2006 I think, I got the Internet connection on my computer. I didn’t know a thing about using the Internet. I just knew that with the power of the Internet the world is in your hand. When I got the connection, I couldn’t decide where to go. The internet is decentralized. There’s no central space or place to go to. Unlike your computer, where My Computer or Documents might be a place to start with, the Internet doesn’t have such thing, or at least back then, it didn’t have such thing. Though nowadays most of you may start your Internet journey with Facebook or Google.

From the beginning, I had a fascination for softwares: how they work, their interfaces, their variations etc. I loved to change my operating system once in a while, or for Windows, I would change my Windows themes every now and then. I tried Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP, Longhorn (though I don’t know whether it was an official version), Vista, 7 and 8. I loved different softwares and working with them. It was 2009 when I saw Ubuntu 9.10 in a nearby software shop. I was tempted to see a different operating system other than Windows. I thought of trying it on my computer; though I didn’t know a bit of it back then. I don’t know how, but I tried it and felt the difference, though graphically it wasn’t much tempting. But it came with the traditional menu and most importantly, I felt the difference what I was looking for. Now I know quite a bit. I was GNOME 2, which was, the most loved Linux desktop environments. By the way, I didn’t have enough time to work on it. So I left Ubuntu then.

I got myself admitted in IUT back in 2010. That time I had enough free time to work on Linux. I cleared some of my misconceptions about Linux, e.g. Linux is not an operating system. I spent my time researching the Internet is regarded Linux. I got benefit starting with Ubuntu. Ubuntu has such a big community. It helped me a lot dealing with problems while roaming about around Ubuntu. I got my hands on Ubuntu and I was feeling happy. It is quite a journey. I couldn’t think of my Linux journey without Ubuntu. Ubuntu forum is a friendly place to start with for any problem. There’s AskUbuntu, which also a great place to ask questions about Ubuntu and its derivatives. The people out there are really friendly and helpful. I Googled many of my queries. Someone can easily find problems and solutions about Ubuntu around the Internet. The Ubuntu community is really great and awesome. That’s why I recommend Ubuntu to be the beginners choice Linux-based Distro. It’s beginner friendly and at the same time would give you the chance to learn more about Linux. After spending some time with Ubuntu, I felt brave enough to try some other distros. This time I chose Ubuntu based Distro e.g. Linux Mint, elementary OS, Kubuntu, Xubuntu etc. And eventually when I got enough confidence, I tried the granddaddy of Linux-based Distros, Debian. Ubuntu is itself based on Debian. So it wasn’t quite a hard experience with Debian. There are just some rough edges with learning your work around Debian. Everything else is just identical to Ubuntu. You would get the opportunity to use Terminal more. It would give you both confidence and flexibility to work. And then, I decided to change the genre (really?). I tried RPM-based Distros. The journey started with Fedora and then eventually I tried openSUSE. But somehow I wasn’t satisfied. I love Distros those try to do something new and give a feel of freshness in their offering. That’s why quite a few Distros caught my eye. I appreciate the approach of elementary OS, Linux Mint etc. They are trying to do something new and something great. I wish them every success. Some people hate Ubuntu for their some of the controversial decisions like Mir, Unity etc. But I really don’t have much of a problem with that. Ubuntu is trying to compete with Windows and Apple. I appreciate their work.

I enjoy the diversity. I like Linux because it’s full of variations and differences. You have lots to choose from. That’s the main aspect of Linux that attracts me the most. Another aspect is that, Linux is a free and open source. I love Linux and I pray for its success.

A changing wave is here in the world. Companies and corporations are embracing Linux for its robustness, fastness, open source nature and freedom. The days of closed source and proprietary software are coming to an end. I’m a free software enthusiast., though I cannot keep using free software all the time. Sometimes I need my hardware to work for which I need proprietary software. But one day, I hope, free software would reign in the software world. Linux is leading the way there. I would be with it, forever.