Legal Transcription For All Your Needs.

TranscriptionStar provides legal transcription at quick turnaround times with quality and accuracy. While we take care of all your legal transcriptions, your employees can concentrate on core competencies. Letting transcriptionstar handle all your legal transcription requirements enables you to increase your levels of efficiency and productivity. You not only save on time, effort,manpower resources, technology and infrastructure cost but also benefit from our cost efficient and highly accurate legal transcription services.
TranscriptionStar charges $1/min of your legal recordings, which is affordable legal transcription rate.

We are experts in transcribing:
Court Proceedings / Hearings
Employment Hearings
Letters, Memos and other Correspondence
Telephone Recordings
Medical Records Summaries
Legal transcription is a highly specialized domain where even a slight change in language or word scan completely alter the significance of the text. A missed word or misinterpreted sentence can win or lose cases. To transcribe legal documents accurately, a thorough understanding of legal terminology is required. Our teams of qualified transcriptionist are extensively trained in legal terms and jargon and have the expertise to do even the most complex legal transcriptions.

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