Switching Teams

Well, I guess I have to switch political parties now. Also, I can no longer be a Christian. Who knows if I’ll even stay married? If a mom has a trans kid, she’s divorced, atheist, progressive, a feminist, and likely gay. She’s probably a young hippie. That’s the rule. At least, that’s what I’m learning.

Offended? Good. You should be. Because Christians, Conservatives, Republicans, Baby Boomers, and even many Millennials are mean and unyielding to anyone in the LGBT community. That’s the rule. I don’t know who wrote it, but it’s well-known and you can’t deny it. You should be ashamed of it, but you can’t deny it.

A Conservative Republican Evangelical Christian intact nuclear family with traditional values who happens to have a queer child is a rare unicorn. I think they’re out there, but I haven’t met them yet. Most families either change their core beliefs and values in order to accommodate their LGBT kid(s), or they turn their children out so they can keep their lifestyle.

Yeah, I said LIFESTYLE. That’s the same word that these same folks use with disdain when referring to us. How does that feel? If you want to keep your lifestyle of attending church and reading the Bible and reciting the rhetoric, you have to deny your kid. Just like if they want to keep their lifestyle and continue to be who they are, they have to deny their foundational beliefs and their upbringing. Ironic.

Yeah, I said US. Because no matter what you say, or how you threaten, or who you curse, I will not turn my back on my child for who he is.

Yeah, I said HE. Because he may have been assigned female at birth, and he may have what we tend to consider a female body, and I may have given him a female name and raised him until just recently as a girl, but he’s a boy. He said so, and he knows. It’s in his brain. It’s science.

Yeah, I said SCIENCE. It’s not the enemy of God, despite popular opinion. Super smart people who understand science pretty well have been studying this for centuries, and they agree that something happens in the womb with hormones and the brain to determine gender long before birth. Sexuality happens then, too. It’s not choice. We’re created that way.

Yeah, I said CREATED. As in, God made us that way. “God doesn’t make mistakes.” I believe that’s true. As such, He made us as we are for a purpose. All of us: cisgender, transgender, gay, straight, intersex, androgynous, asexual, gender-fluid, and more. He’s not surprised. There’s nothing new under the sun — it says so in the Bible.

Yeah, I said BIBLE. You know the one. It has all these rules we like to twist up and then find justification to condemn each other with. The one we’re not exactly sure who wrote or how many years or translations ago, but says pretty plainly, in the name of Jesus, that we’re supposed to LOVE each other.

Yeah, I said LOVE. We’re not doing it very well. Most of the homeless kids out there are LGBT, and most of the LGBT homeless kids on the streets are there because their CHRISTIAN parents were encouraged to turn them out. And their encouragement is coming from the church.

Yeah, I said CHURCH. That’s where we’re supposed to be safe, supported, loved, encouraged, and taught the works and teaching of Jesus. We’re supposed to gather there and worship together, help each other, as a family. Church is where we grow and raise our kids. We fellowship and prefer each other. We teach our kids to be Christian.

Yeah, I said CHRISTIAN. Unless our kids are LGBT. Because somewhere along the line, someone decided that the Bible CLEARLY STATES that one cannot be a Christian and LGBTQIA+. And then the teaching started spreading around. And Christians started hating. And they became divided. Bi-partisan. And they chose the Republican party, who are conservatives.

Yeah, I said CONSERVATIVES. So, apparently, you can’t be both conservative and gay, or trans, or anything else identified with LGBT. So, I guess unless we deny who we are, or who our children are, then we can no longer be aligned with Christians or Republicans. Apparently, God said so.

Did I say GOD? Wait. So, if GOD is the reason all these people hate each other, and His book says we are an abomination unless we deny who we actually are, which He himself created, then He must hate us like all his followers hate us.

Did I say HATE? But how could that be? If ‘the greatest of these is love,” and greatest commandment is to love God and each other, then how does any of this add up?

It doesn’t.

And that’s why the church sucks. Christians are deciding how to separate the sheep from the goats, and they don’t have that authority.

Church, you’re doing a shitty job.

Christians, you’re embarrassing yourselves.

I’m not turning my kids out. I probably won’t ever return to church. I don’t want to call myself a Christian any more. I won’t likely be voting for a Republican, who will threaten my kids’ rights. So I may end up divorced. I’m not young or gay, but think I understand where that stereotypical hippie LGBT mom rule came from now.


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