Ultimate Airbnb Hack: #2 Fill Your Airbnb At The Last Minute

As a host you want to make the most of your Airbnb space and maximise it to make the most money. As the average person looking to book an Airbnb spends five weeks prior picking out the right place to stay you may have to spend a little bit more time seeking a last minute buyer to fill your Airbnb.

As a peer to peer platform we bring those together who have bookings that they can no longer use together with people looking for a great deal at the last minute. TranferTravel.com is reinventing the last minute travel market offering people the choice to sell their rooms at the price that they will go for. This means the guest gets the absolute best price that they possibly can.

As an AirBnB host to maximise your listing and help sell it at the last minute we have 2 top tips for you.

1. Post Your Listing On TransferTravel.com

To achieve maximum yield with your listing we have found that listing your property or room will help funnel more people to you and for you to make more money. TransferTravel.com is a peer to peer marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to come together and find incredible travel deals.

When adding your listing to TransferTravel.com you are opening your listing up to a completely new market of people that will be able to see your Airbnb booking. Our community is vibrant and thriving and prepared to look for and buy last minute deals.

2. Drop The Price Strategically

You can strategically price your Airbnb listing to be attractive to a last minute buyer. Start decreasing the amount that you are willing to take for your booking 4 weeks out from when your nights are scheduled for. Orphan night, or nights between two longer stays are extremely hard to sell and it would be advised that you list these for less. This will also depend on where your listing is and your fixed costs such as mortgage, rent, cleaning fees etc.

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