Digital maturity: the butterfly effect

By Emma Honeybone, Head of Marketing at Transform UK

Chaos theory is where Transform’s digital eco-system started — a butterfly flaps its wings in Nepal and someone gets rained on in Marylebone; a digital butterfly flaps its wings in customer experience and someone in IT has to put up an umbrella.

Last week we launched our latest report — Digital Maturity: The butterfly effect — to a full house at Flux Innovation Lounge, London’s digital playground.

Our CEO, Emma Robertson, brought to life this year’s digital maturity trends using examples from Nordstrom, Airbnb, Kodak, Adobe and Whirlpool. In the space of 20 minutes we heard about the world’s first cashless bank robbery (look it up, it’s a cracking story), how Kodak’s missed growth into digital is different to common belief and how Whirlpool and Adobe are leading the charge in empowering employees to be more innovative.

We then spent a couple of hours with clients getting up close and personal with some pretty cool tech including VR (which proved so realistic that one of our team cried out in horror when a zombie appeared behind him, in a game…), Marvin the robot (can we have one in the office?), Future Retail (shopping is only going to get easier) and beacons (NFC looks set to replace this tech soon).

The key themes of this year’s report are:

  • We are not all Digital now, and you still need a Digital strategy
  • Digital should be in service to the strategy and in response to the customer
  • Employee experience is more critical than most organisations realise
  • When it comes to Innovation, 20% is not enough, and Shoreditch is not the answer
  • Getting fit for the technology future is about mindset, culture and strategy

You can read the full report here.