Welcome To My World!

My name is Francis Ugbeikwu and I have started this blog with the sole aim of helping you fulfill your destiny.

I intend to do this by helping you DEVELOP the right ATTITUDE, RELATIONSHIP and EMPOWERMENT. In other words, I will be challenging you to DARE to fulfill your destiny.

Dare to dream!

Dare to be original!

Dare to be different, embrace your uniqueness!

Dare to make a difference!

Dare to be your best self!

Dare to follow your passions!

I plan to blog regularly at least once a week in the first instance. This will be reviewed as I make progress.

I became a Christian close to three decades ago and by the grace, goodness and generosity of God, I have remained committed to Christ and His philosophy over these years. You can too! During this period, I have passed through the different life’s season of youth, professional career, marriage, parenting and adulthood and also served in various capacities as a Christian minister. My worldview has been shaped by the philosophy and teachings of Jesus Christ. This will underpin my blog posts from time to time.

So, I welcome you to my world! You can connect with me on the following social media platforms to receive regular updates and be kept abreast of happenings in my world.

Facebook: Francis Ugbeikwu

Twitter: @transformdaily

Instagram: francisugbeikwu

Periscope: @transformdaily

It Is A New Day,

Francis Ugbeikwu

Originally published at francisugbeikwu.com on October 12, 2015.

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