First Encounter between a Lawyer and a Transhuman Client

Much sooner than you think, a new client will arrive at your office. She’ll be wearing Google Glassand tells you she’s had a chip implanted in her brain that’s raised her IQ to 200. She says she dopes herself and she appears to have incredible strength. She wants advice about violations of her ‘rights.’ A political activist, she says that her right to ‘cognitive liberty’ was violated when the NSA hacked into an emergency room FMRI scan of her head after a car accident a year ago. She now wants a child but her healthcare insurer won’t cover any prenatal genetic testing. She says the refusal violates her right to ‘procreative liberty’ adding, “you’d want the best for your kid, right?” She’s also worried about a bill in Congress that will restrict her right to have more bionic implants, saying something about violating her right to ‘morphologic freedom.’ Puzzled, yet fascinated, you ask for more details and permission to use a voice recorder. She says it’s not necessary because the video camera in her Google Glass is already recording the meeting, adding that she’ll upload a copy to her Dropbox account for your access. As she speaks, an artificial intelligence app in her Google Glass is interpreting your facial expressions. It tells her that you’ve got a lot to learn about transhumanism. But, you can start learning at

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