Background Geolocation Console

A great way to field-test the background-geolocation plugin is to use our test-server which we provide open-source at Github background-geolocation-console. It’s a simple node-server and web-application for quickly viewing your device tracking. It’s very easy to setup and configure the background-geolocation plugin to post to it.

The Background Geolocation sample-apps (Cordova, React Native) are already pre-configured to post to a hosted version of the tracking console at

The background geolocation console is particularly useful for geofence-testing. Geofence transitions are marked by coloured dot on the geofence edge ) with a black polyline pointing to the triggering location.

  • Red: exit.
  • Green: entry.
  • Yellow: dwell.

If you want to post to the tracking console in your own app, it’s very easy: The plugin contains a helper method #transistorTrackerParams to compose a params config suitable for consumption by the server:

After booting your app to record some locations, visit the tracking console in your browser at