Ever Wonder #howdoibus?

Contest and promotion

The first time I took public transit outside of university residence, I got on the bus on the wrong side of the street and ended up on the opposite side of town with no real clue how to get back home. I figured it out eventually, of course, but it was super annoying and actually pretty stressful.

Luckily, students in 40 cities and counting don’t have to share that experience. Thanks to our free iPhone app that puts your city’s public transit system in the palm of your hand, getting lost is a thing of the past.

It gets better, too. Just by downloading the app between now and September 30, you’ll be entered to win $500 cash. What starving student wouldn’t love that?

The app makes life easier by identifying nearby stops and routes, time-saving favourites, convenient alerts and real-time data.

For full details on the #howdoibus contest please visit Transit360app.com/howdoibus.

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