Red Pig Flower - A Splash of Color in Berlin’s Grey Tristesse

Red isn’t afraid to mix media, music and technology: She is a DJ, producer and multimedia artist based both in Berlin and London. Witness her departure from the insomniac world of nightclubs to the multimedia installation “Dance of Infinity” at TRANSIT’s upcoming exhibition at Holzmarkt.

Red pig flower, 2018 Berlin| Image credit:

TRANSIT: How did you get started doing what you do?

Red: As I used to paint a lot I had no doubt I would grow up as a painter. But my nomadic life forced me to abondon material things as I had to get rid of so many belongings everytime that I moved. I started to realize the restrictions of physical arts. That’s when I started producing Digital Arts — something copyable, unphysical, also transformative. I started to be obsessed with the “moment” and how to freeze it. But in the last few years in particular, I was inspired by the Berlin club scene, because as a DJ this is where I spend most of the time apart from my studio. While watching the people’s collective dance and listening to the continuous beat, I kinda reached meditative states and created my own zone in my head.

TRANSIT: When and where did you create the “Dance of Infitiy” which is part of our exhibition?

Red: The first idea of this installation “Dance of Infinity” came up in 2011 when I was still studying in the UK. I wanted to make a holographic installation on rituals which celebrates reincarnation. I was inspired by the myth “Cat has 9 Lives”. I made 9 different dance movements under the various concepts of death and rebirth. Then, beginning of 2017, I started to work with professional dancers for an experimental theater in HongKong. I decided to redo the “Dance of Infinity” with real dancers who can express my idea with better movement skills.

TRANSIT: What’s your favorite place to see media art in Berlin?

Red: Tresor. The experience is very unique, this venue has everything for exhibiting media art: an amazing sound system, an isolated environment and amazing spooky energy from the grey concrete walls… Therefore I try to not miss any media exhibition and festival at tresor.

Born in 86, Red Pig Flower is a Berlin based video & sound artist as well as techno DJ, musician and producer. Trained in four-dimensional time-based art at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London, she has also been pursuing a serious DJ career with bookings at famous nightclubs across the globe, from London to Berlin to Tokyo and beyond.

Deeply influenced by the Asian philosopher Zhūangzi (庄子) and the Berlin techno scene, her works are often hypnotic, dreamy and boundaryless. She isn’t afraid to mix various media, such as combining holographic projections with different objects and sounds to get closer to her vision of a non-Western understanding of infinity.

TRANSIT | Digital Art Berlin produces cutting-edge digital art experiences — a special series of cultural events and exhibitions at the intersection of art and technology. With a focus on interactive productions and immersive event designs, we make digital art tangible.

»Rendered Personas: Digital Perspectives on Image and Identity«

In the upcoming exhibition 10+ artists explore the shifting concepts of perception, representation, and truth in virtual and ‘real’ reality.

How do you frame your authentic self? Through your public image, digital self-portraits, or offline presence? Where do your proxy personalities intersect? Does your innermost core shine through the scaffolding of social media? Who are you, really?!

Interactive Installations. Digital Animations. Generative Art. VR. Artist Talks. AV Performances. Live DJ/VJ Sets.

Opening: Saturday January 27, 2018 // 5pm — midnight

Duration: January 27–30, 2018 // 5pm — 22pm

Venue: Artistenhalle @ Holzmarkt // Holzmarktstr 25, 10243 Berlin

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