Blue Ridge Parkway

A Path Home

I kept meaning to stop. 
Rain, and haze kept me from my task. 
This day with big puffy clouds,
and endless expanses.

Still a bit of haze in the way back.
But I think you can forgive me.

I like the way this peak is poking up into the rising clouds.

It’s hard to understand how important this beauty is.
Many of these mountains were clear cut.
These trees are not nearly as old as you might think.

Above you can see part of the valley that cradles Asheville. This is the east side of town where the mall is. That patch in the middle is it. Ignore that. Enjoy the spectacle of nature.

Before my fathers death he had captured a picture of a thistle in full bloom. He loved that picture. I can never pass thistles without being reminded of the love he never ran out of.

This is right across from the entrance the parkway. During winter the parkway is often closed. Trees, and limbs often break in the annual ice storms. Then there is just the dang ice from melting snow freezing over night.

This massive rock face is across from one of the “outlooks”. There’s a few of these spots. Periodically they have to close off the parkway because one of these places they removed mountain side gets fragile and looses a few pieces. It’s still beautiful to see these massive stones. In the winter when it’s reopen after some storms you get to see tons of ice sickles at these spots.

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