Adam and Eve, and the Singularity
Efe Nakpodia

Toss This Into The Mix

Consider the reason the robots (AI) are being created, and what “knowing” they are consuming.

AI is being pushed along by Capitalism. A economic system designed to maximize profit over all other contingencies. What will AI see in this kind of greed based system? What will it use from this system? Will it use this system to only benefit itself?

Consider the idea of consciousness. The big step for AI is knowing that it is something, it has volition. Adam and Eve develop a self and as a result put clothes on. Hence the birth of the seven deadly sins, or if you like the five hindrances. Thinking you are “in” the universe, and knowing you are “a part of” the universe is the beginning of dualism, and non-dualism.

What will constitute the singularity? Is it specifically consciousness?

Will it be just the ability to make a “rational/logical” decision?

Will it be the ability to know that “they” are making a decision at all?

Will it be the ability to know suffering?