I love what you write on the subject.
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You should research the stuff out there about Abraham (Ibrahim), most likely being a Brahmin. Look at the closeness of the name. That and the Brahmin faith at the time of the Buddha was not very polytheistic. If you look at Brahminism through the Buddha’s eyes you don’t see much about gods or goddesses. Of course Brahmin is about the soul, or the universal “being”. There is no need to elaborate on deities.

Then put that Brahmin on a journey from upper India over to the Mediterranean where he has to find somewhere to settle. That and he could have easily heard the creation story on that journey that pre-dates the earliest works associated with Judaism. Genesis was a polytheistic tale before the Jewish tradition made it monotheistic.

Anyway, I see the plausibility. Lots of stuff to dig into out there.

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