Are CX and Service Design the Same Thing?

Thanks for the story. I think it adds nicely to the discussion. I do have some things to add though.

Customer Experience (CX) and Service Design (SD) cannot be the same. As you point out, CX refers to how customers perceive the interactions with a brand throughout the myriad touch points. You don’t need SD to have a CX. Indeed, many organisations don’t use SD at all. Perhaps for that reason, we have not so happy customers. SD is about applying design principles, processes, and methods across the myriad touch points so as to create the right conditions for positive CX to happen.

A similar thing happens with User Experience (UX) and UX Design. They’re not the same. UX is about how customers/users perceive the interactions with a digital touch point. You don’t need UX Design to have a UX. In fact, many don’t use principles of UX Design to craft their digital offering and it shows.

This is my point of view and is of course open to discussion, but I think it’s essential to have a distinction between the responses of customers and the use of design principles, processes, and methods in crafting those same responses.


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