4 Ways You Can be Involved in TranslateMe

That’s right! You, yes…you, can choose from 4 different ways in which to get
involved with TranslateMe! TranslateMe is a new ICO that aims to bring the highest quality, decentralised translation services to people around the world. We want to include as many people as possible in our venture. In fact, the more people that take part, the more beneficial it will be to the entire TranslateMe community!

Buy Tokens

What You’ll Need to get Involved: You’ll need a small amount of capital.
How to Go About it: Stage 1 of our token sale, the private sale, will have a supply of 100 000 000 tokens (TMN) at 50% discount for early participants. These tokens will be made available for people who are willing to make a minimum investment of 100 NEO. This investment will grant you with 250,000 tokens.

Stage 2 is the public sale and its advantage is that the minimum investment is only 5 NEO! This will give you 6250 tokens. There is no discount for this stage, but it provides people with a small amount of capital the opportunity to participate!

The process of the Private Sale explained

Provide Accurate Translations

What You’ll Need to get Involved: You’ll need to be able to speak more than one
language fluently.

How to Go About it: When our end application is up and running, we plan to use human input to provide the most accurate translations possible! If you can speak more than one language; this is where you come in! In return for correcting and providing accurate translations, that use the correct tone, use of idiom and humour that Neural Machines can’t quite grasp, we will pay you in our token (TMN). Translations will be checked by our unique validation of data analysis of duplicate submissions and a team of language validators to ensure that they are accurate.

You can use the TMN funds we pay you with as an investment or spend it within our platform.

Validate in your native language
What You’ll Need to get Involved: You’ll need to enjoy speaking and correcting
your language.
How to go About it: Validating sentences produced by our machine algorithm is possible in your own language. This means you don’t have to be a translator to contribute. All you need is a basic understanding of the text produced by the machine and correct the obvious mistakes in your own, native language. This means anyone could help make TranslateMe the world’s biggest translation community. Our unique algorithm will score validations against existing data contributions as more data is submitted, the machine learns more.

Be an End-User
What You’ll Need to get Involved: You’ll need to have a need for translation
How to Go About it: There are many benefits to being a TranslateMe end-user.
Almost everyone needs translation solutions of some sort, whether it be
communicating with a foreign friend or signing an international business contract!
We aim to offer our end-users a high quality translation solution that is available at an affordable price in the form of a user-friendly application.
How do we do all of this? We make use of Blockchain technology to provide a
decentralised platform and make use of a blend of Neural Machine Learning, AI and human input to ensure our translations are accurate and cover all bases.

Do any of these options appeal to you? Let us know in the comments below! Follow us on various social media to stay up to date with the progress of our ICO.

TranslateMe.network ICO coming soon.