The Alpha Version of Our MVP is Live!

Dec 17, 2018 · 3 min read

The team at TranslateMe are excited to announce that the Alpha version of our MVP is now live and accessible online.

We have developed a Telegram-based app to offer a service to Telegram users, who are following groups that are not in their first language. This feature will only work on selected groups within the NEO ecosystem. We will be adding new groups all the time, and users can also request certain groups to be activated by emailing

How Will it Work?

The groups which are activated will allow users to read all group activity, with the exception of external links, in their chosen language. We have already activated Japanese, Russian, Chinese and French for this function.

The user may also reply to messages and post their own messages on the group in their native language. The app will translate the message and send a dual version of the message to the group for everyone to read — in English, and in the originally submitted language.

How to Sign Up

Our sign-up process is very similar to that of the normal web app for Telegram, except that ours has an added step that assigns your Telegram account to our tracking system, so that we can reward our users.

Your name, email address and password is required, along with your NEO wallet address. Once this info is captured, you won’t need to complete this step again. If you happen to logout, you can simply click the “Already have an account?” option in order to log back in.

How To Earn TMN

To accelerate the tests we will use a basic reward system, based on users’ activities within our app. Users can earn TMN in various ways:

-TranslateMe will give away one TMN for each message submitted on our platform, within the supported groups activated to translate these messages.

-TranslateMe will give away one TMN for each message that is corrected by the user and submitted to our platform, in order for our algorithm to use to improve future translations.

-The top three users for each language will receive 50000 tokens each, for their contributions of valid corrections.

-If you’d like to double your incentive, you can purchase 1000 tokens from and make sure that it’s reflected in the supplied NEO wallet address that you signed up with.

We have limited this reward system to one million tokens per language currently activated. TMN will be issued manually for now, based on the data recorded for each user. Users will need to earn a minimum of 20 TMN in order to claim their tokens. Payments will be made after all TMN is used and our tests have run their course.

Our platform will have a basic tracking indication in place to show total TMN earned, so that users can follow our progress.

Join TranslateMe on our Alpha app, that translates real time Telegram messages into Japanese, Russian, French and Chinese.

Earn TMN tokens for simply messaging on our platform, or contributing valid corrections in your own language.

Follow us on Twitter( and LinkedIn( to stay up to date with further progress of our project. To earn TMN and help build our platform, please join


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