Cover page of the Irish Government report published today — available here

We are excited to announce an event we will be hosting on June 19th in Dublin’s Wood Quay Venue, with UK Electoral Commission Chief Exec Claire Bassett, and TRI co-founder Liz Carolan.

Digital Threats to Democracy: Learning from #Brexit & #8thRef

Finding balance, by woodleywonderworks
  • an analysis of a problem: that the lack of transparency in online political…

Senator Blumenthal shows a widely circulated tweet from the 2016 US presidential election showing comedian Aziz Ansari holding a Photoshopped sign claiming Americans could vote from home, during the Senate Judiciary subcommittee questioning of social media executives in 2017 see:

Transparent Referendum Initiative

TRI aims to enable an open and honest #8thRef debate, through transparency and scrutiny of targeted, paid political ads on social media.

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