On the fallacy of thinking we’ve exorcised our racist demons

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First I want to clarify this essay is written for fellow white people, particularly white people who consider themselves to “not be racist”.

My thesis: white people think explicitly racist thoughts all the time.

Elaboration: white people who consider themselves “woke” ALSO think explicitly racist thoughts all the time.

The only difference between “real racists” like the KKK or your average MAGA-Trumper and white people who proclaim to be anti-racist is that we act differently in response to our thoughts. Moreover, the action I refer to here is both internal…

My nonbinary identity has led me down the twisting path of gender

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I find myself thinking a lot about the balance of energies within myself, those that are constituted by what could be called the masculine and the feminine. As a nonbinary person, what does it mean to find balance within the gender binary? Is balance necessary? Does it necessarily have to be balanced to be composed in a beautiful fashion? Is it not enough to just exist along the spectrum, within the multidimensional space of gender? Can I put my thumb on the scales and still be nonbinary?


Working past cis normativity in a cis-centric world

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What does it mean to “pass” as a trans person? Typically, it means to blend in the cis world, for nobody to be able to tell you are trans. For this reason, some people call it instead “cis-passing” to be more specific. It’s about coming off as something you’re not: a trans person appearing to be a cis person.

But that’s precisely the issue: why should cis people be the standard? When I walk into the grocery store it is not my intention to be somebody else. I’m just being myself. Yet…

A few words of advice for those just getting started

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Passing isn’t the key to happiness

So this might be controversial but if your only goal in life is to pass then you are not guaranteed happiness when you achieve it. There are other things that are just as important: friendship, relationships, mental health, economic security, healthy hobbies, etc. While yes, passing is important to many to either relieve dysphoria or achieve safety, it is not the end-all-be-all of existence. There is more to life than just looking like a cis person. Cis people are not the gold-standard for everything. …

When it comes to gender, a little agnosticism isn’t a bad thing

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The typical narrative surrounding gender involves gnosticism, the idea that we all know our gender, or that we should know our gender. That we have justified true beliefs about who we are.

Decades ago, psychologists started thinking about gender in terms of a solidified identity that is cemented by around age 5, like learning a new language. This gender was locked into place and we either knew it or didn’t.

In the cis media, the “standard narrative” of trans people is that we have known our genders since…

Turns out you can have one without the other and vice versa

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I’ve always considered myself pretty nerdy. Except that my nerdiness wasn’t usually expressed in the typical medium of being obsessed with particular fandoms like Harry Potter, Marvel, and Star Trek. Instead, I was a nerd about philosophy, science, psychology, etc. That’s what I got really obsessed about.

But lately I’ve been thinking to myself: I need a pop cultural fandom to get interested in. In our modern pop culture dynamic, it seems like various fandoms rule the cultural world, especially big fandoms like Marvel or Star Wars.

Why? Why did I feel like getting involved in a fandom is necessary…

Trauma porn and the cis media machine

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We’ve all seen it. The cis media loves to digest the trauma of trans people. It’s why you will see articles like “My New Vagina Won’t Make Me Happy” in the New York Times but not “My New Vagina Is Awesome.” The latter is boring, the former is edgy.

I’m not saying it’s wrong for depressed trans people to tell their stories. Everyone deserves a chance to tell their story. But there’s a reason why the cis media loves a good misery narrative. …

“Everyone is female and everyone hates it”

Verso books

Chu declares ethics to be “a commitment to a bit,” which tells you everything you need to know about her vision of feminism in this book. There is no real ethical seriousness. No fundamental ameliorative vision. It’s just misery through and through, with no political will.

Andrea Long Chu’s book starts off with a surprising claim: “Everyone is female,” followed immediately by another howler: “The worst books are all by females.”

She then follows this absurdity with a long list of everything that is “female,” including many obvious non-females, indicating that her statement…

The Case of Blaire White

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This might sound petty, but I recently retweeted infamous trans Youtuber Blaire White and called her a fascist transphobe. She replied to me and her 200k+ followers descended upon me quickly.

The most popular type of comment was: “How can she be transphobic if she’s trans?”

Indeed. How can a trans person be transphobic? Is that even possible?

Yes. Yes it is.

You see, Blaire does not believe that nonbinary people are valid.

Warning: do not watch this video if you want to avoid blatant transphobia.

She basically says nonbinary people aren’t “scientifically valid”…

I wasn’t born this way and it does not matter

me as caterpillar vs me as a butterfly

In my book Transgressive I talk about the difference between trans people who are acorns vs trans people who are butterflies. The genetic material for a tree is contained entirely in the acorn and it slowly grows from inception into the tree. Acorns are trans people who know they are trans from a very young age and grow into that realization over the course of their life. Acorns tend to fit the “classic” trans narratives.

Butterflies start off as caterpillars which dissolve entirely into a goo before they transform into…

Rachel Anne Williams

Author & writer, ex-academic philosopher. Author of Transgressive. https://rachelawilliams.com

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