What are the limits of the Tarot?

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Holistic Tarot

First, I want to say I have major respect for Benebell Wen. I think she is utterly brilliant when it comes to the occult as well as the Tarot and I would not be where I am in my own Tarot practice if not for her.

With that said, I do have quibbles with her stance on fortune-telling as articulated in her comprehensive and authoritative guide to the Tarot, Holistic Tarot, as well as an amendment to the text on her website (which I discuss below).

Benebell Wen begins Holistic Tarot by stating “I do not support fortune-telling and I do not believe in future-telling. My approach to tarot is not predictive. It is analytic. The signs and symbols of the cards facilitate the retrieval of information from the unconscious and move it to the forefront of the conscious plane of the mind, which can then help us form creative solutions.” (p. …


Rachel Anne Williams

Author & writer, ex-academic philosopher. Author of Transgressive: A Trans Woman on Gender, Feminism, and Politics with @JKPBooks — Out now!

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