What is W12?
The W12 creates a non-degenerate base where there is no need.
This protocol uses public blockchain to ensure transparency and address transactions, intelligent merging, and oracle to ensure the implementation of the primary project implementation phase of the test. W12 also includes a platform for the default plan through unnecessary coding for standards or specifications.
This platform is intended for prospective and home customers who support enterprise best password access with best return, as well as regular job management tasks by participating in the ICO field. such as providing goods and services. . As profit with business development as a business platform to connect to use platformer as they provide processors and processors to handle the blockchain use of the developer’s platform W12IO developer.

Classification, Blockchain, Electronic Money and ICO

Blockchain technology (ledger) gives people unprecedented opportunities for economic development:

Eliminates the need to trust one of the parties;
Data hierarchy;
Protection of digital assets;
Do not go with intermediaries;
Process automation and cost reduction; and
Facilitate the implementation of smart contracts.
One of the most exciting applications of blockchain technology is the creation of cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin. Efforts to create nonlinear currencies were long before the advent of blockchain technology, but they had an issuer and needed to trust it funds; Therefore, they are not widely used.

Unlike traditional ‘focus’ currencies, electronic money has become popular because:

They are limited to emissions (guaranteed by blockchain technology)
They are password protected
Can not limit their sales
All transfers are recorded in an open register, and everyone can see the flow of funds.
The financial incentive model through ICO was invented by developers, who needed resources to create electronic money. They have sold some of the money that has not been made to many people and has spent the money to develop it. In terms of attracting a large number of investors, it is reminiscent of an IPO (hence the first public offering), hence the name. The term “ICO” now refers to the sale of token (digital asset guaranteed by encryption) for the purpose of raising funds for the project. Most of the tokens are currently being released on Ethereum (a platform for creating blockchainbased online services using smart contracts). The Ethereal platform makes it possible to create a smart contract that will release tags using any necessary logic. The token can be:

Confidentiality (e.g., share or bond) is equivalent to a product token (providing the right to exchange a token for a product or service).

Product Token (give a party to exchange a token for a product or service)
Token utilities (functions in the system)
Electronic money (means of payment)
Generally, the issuance of tokens is restricted and they are “tied” to one of the project parameters (eg, profit). As the value of this parameter increases, the value of the token will also make it attractive to investors. At present, any enterprise has the technical capacity to issue its own code for the purpose of decentralizing the mobilization of a large number of investor funds and the right to any property that can be coded. chemistry All this opens up new avenues for the development of the digital economy.


4th quarter, 2017
Customer development, market research and project development.
Group meeting.
Development of platform architecture.
Terms of reference develop and begin to develop the market.

First quarter, 2018
The alpha version of the W12 market.
Terms of reference for development and prototype development of protocols W12 blockchain.
+100 projects will be added to the W12 market.
Create a project rating system.
Create a token buyer training program.
Create a landing page for deploying the W12 crowd.
Company registration in Singapore.
Start creating the project community.

2nd quarter, 2018
Sign up for a W12 buyer token as a Whitelist participant.
Launch the market advertising and PR campaigns and sell W12 cards.
Performs a pre-sale of the W12 tokens.
Development of blockchain W12 protocol for the release and sale of projects (with a phased disbursement fund):
Smart card template to release the token under the project.
Project Fund DAO with the ability to vote with the buyer card.
Web interface on the W12 market for projects to fill the parameters of their crowd.
Blockchain authentication service (ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC, ADA, XLM).
Market test W12.
Started assigning project ratings to platform users.
Add new features to the market (Sandbox functionality, services and professionals, bounty cabinets, develop more personal offices).
Create and test high-converting A / B conversion pages for buyers of tokens and sign up for projects on the platform.
Add at least 300 projects to the market.

Third quarter, 2018
Launch and conduct the W12 crowd.
List the tokens on the exchanges.
W12 protocol develops additional features:
To sell the token released by the project outside the platform.
Add more electronic money to be used to purchase the token project.
Automation tools for deploying smart contracts for Ethereum block chains.
Examine the W12 blockchain protocol.
Auditing the W12 blockchain protocol.
Audit system security platform W12.
Develop more functionality of the W12 market, adding paid services to the projects.
Start developing mobile marketing apps on Android and iOS.
Launched the beta version of the W12.
Advertising and PR campaign of W12 market.
Development of the architecture and Terms of Reference for development.
Partner agreements with private experts and rating agencies to score foundation projects.

4th quarter, 2018
Launched the development of a trading platform to provide liquidity and a free token list for completed ICO projects on the W12 platform.
The first version of the mobile app market on Android and iOS.
Launches a fully functional W12 string block protocol.
Deploy ETH purchase for fiat currencies (to continue buying ETH tokens).
Advertising and PR campaigns of the market and mobile applications.
Quarters I and II, 2019
Organized a series of conferences and events around the world to attract buyers and projects.
Add at least 300 projects to the market.
Launched a major service to buy electronic money for fiat currencies.
Continuous development of exchange accounts and PAMM, adding new functionality to the market and mobile applications
Check out the mobile applications market W12.
Mobile app security testing.
Released full-featured mobile application market.
Sign a partnership agreement with electronic money exchange.
Advertising and PR campaigns of the market and mobile applications.

Third quarter, 2019
Start up exchanges and platforms to create a PAMM account (money transfer to trust management).

For more information on investment projects, please visit:
webpage: https://tokensale.w12.io/?utm_source=bounty&utm_medium=bitcointalk&utm_campaign=blog
White paper: https://tokensale.w12.io/W12-en.pdf

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