1. Monopolization of media can negatively influence the consumers by giving consumers false information of the reality. Lets say, VIACOM takes over CNN news or any other outlets somehow. That would lessen down our sources of information and news that us, as a consumer have access to. Another example, would be the 1996 Telecom Act. This allowed companies and businesses being bought out by other companies that had the most money, which can control everything and allow more mergers. When corporate mergers rises, local media will die off and would negatively damage consumers. Last example, would be outlets, can harm presidential candidates reputations by portraying their weakness as a president and policies towards the consumers.
  2. I believe there should be less monopolization of the media since, the more control companies has over the media, the more restriction there is towards consumers. Meaning, consumers will be maintaining an outlet that has been monopolized by another company and will lead to false news and irreverent information that’s been released. If we can change this rapid change, this will allow more diverse sources of information and news that can be viewed by consumers.
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