Budget drinks with views in Hanoi

Lemon tea, sugarcane juice, … Creating Universal are a cooling drink in the pleasant summer day with the price, which was more popular, helping owners make more money.
Hanoi hot season with a multitude of cooling drinks, the most popular is still the lemon tea, water crocodiles, rock me, sugarcane juice, Creating Universal, black bean tea … The drinks are nutritious and cool lim under sweltering heat but only copper prices ranging from 7000–10000 / cups should be young, popular local office. Cheap but the drinks where warm season to attract tourists, many home sales still make money by trading these items.

1. The juice

Perhaps sugarcane juice in the capital was more in favor because this is a pure beverage, sugarcane juice seller do not add anything beyond adding 1 fruit blueberries and ice.

These beverages are sold in almost all the streets, even the wool into the small alley. According to learn, sugarcane is owner acquired the specialist wholesale prices went down from 18,000–20,000VND / tree. Each ordinary sugarcane juice is 5–7 glasses of water. Thus, if sold 1 sugarcane, the employer also has interest from 30–50 / tree.

Share with us, a sugarcane juice bartender at Linh Dam Lake said, every day his shop sold about 120 -130 glass of sugarcane juice. Thus, except for the cost, the owner can pocket sized around 1 million.

10,000 to 1 cup of sugar cane juice in the Capital is the general, some place like Kim Ma Street, Cau Giay District, Nam Trung Yen is even sold at 8000 price to attract tourists, but also places such as berth car or sell the old town with a little higher price, from 12,000–15,000 VND / ly. Not to mention the sugar cane juice with added taste like mint, bubble … There is a slightly higher price.

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2. Tea Lemon

If three years ago, lemon tea made headlines in the capital and quickly spread to other provinces, including Ho Chi Minh City is currently in the Capital lemon tea still standing relatively strong position in all Refreshing drinks summer, especially by the young lovers.

Young people are often known for lemon tea Church, Crossroad, My Dinh, or anywhere in the capital. The reason for this is the beverage captured the hearts of consumers by a strange flavor, refreshing, sweet and sour sweet taste unique.

Many also acknowledge that lemon tea is not very interesting, but the most important is to enjoy tea to talk, to meet friends in a fairly comfortable after hours of study, work fatigue.

According to our understanding, on summer days, even winter days, cold, lemon tea is still considered a favorite beverage. At Church Street every night, thousands of young people come here to enjoy tea pouring lemon, sunflower disk sip, “cutting the wind” two or three stories. That was enough for each shop sold a few hundred cups, not to mention the accompanying toys such as confectionery groundnut, sunflower, tobacco … It innkeeper money to millions every day is understandable.

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3. Creating Universal

This type of drink Smoking females than by the cool and nutritious bar that these beverages offer. A glass enclosed Creating Universal jelly, coconut, oil, pearl beads brings a touch of exotic and unique taste.

In Hanoi, many stores sell Creating Universal also opened its own instead of selling at the sidewalk, creating a sense of security, a cleaner with diners.

If tào Street sidewalk is only one location in the shop specializing Creating Universal business this drink has to dozens of types with unique flavors, impressive.

Cao phớ usually quite cheap, ranging from 7000–10000 copper / glass.

4. Fruit beams

Fruits beam is also favorite dish of Hanoi people, especially the youth. The fruit cup beams converge enough fresh fruits from all parts of the country, dispel the sultry, sweltering summer days.

Each glass of fruit color beam, different flavors depending on the processing and seasonal fruit. They are cut into smaller pieces for a glass forming rainbow color looks very attractive. A cup of fruit beam with prices ranging from 12000–15000 copper, there are many places a little higher.

5. lamp mode and the different types of tea

Tea-flavored black bean cool bar popular for years in Hanoi.

The reason this reporter lamp mode selected first because it was featured teas sold a lot in Hanoi. Across the street, the seller also take advantage of iced tea pot and cook for 1 lamp mode to serve, earn extra income. This is the drink just little capital but much interest.

Besides, many porridge known not only eye-catching colors that taste very special as Status tea, mixed tea, grapefruit tea, taro tea … Price per cup of tea, usually from 15,000 VND wool.

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