Da Nang Tourism: Best of Da Nang, Vietnam

Say to Danang tourism that say to beach city in the central country. With beautiful beach, longer than 60km and endless white sand.

Area: 1.285,4 square meters

Population: 992.800 people (in 2010)

Destinations: My Khe beach, Son Tra peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son mountain, Linh Ung Tu pagoda, Ba Na resorts, Thanh Dien Hai, ….

Danang beach was voted by Forbes magazine that is 1 in 6 beaches most attractive planet. Come to Danang, traveller will be experience services beach such as canoing, parasailing, water-skiing, rowing boat, diving, ….

My Khe beach — Beach is most famous at Danang

Danang is not only famous with more beautiful beaches, Danang tourism also has special attraction because of position against grand Truong Son mountain, and also has Son Tra peninsula reaching out to the sea. Additional, Danang has Hai Van pass that is called “thien ha de nhat hung quang” with scene view the sea and dangerous winding mountain.

Danang is named best clean city in Vietnam, where has rapid growth. Specially, Danang is invested to become great tourist city with many natural scene such as Ba Na resorts, Son Tra mountain, Ngu Han Son, Danang beach, Cu Lao Cham island, Han river, … Day by day, Danang tourism is known.

Attrations at Danang

Ba Na tourist area — Nui Chua is featured destination in Danang, it’s about 50km to center of the city to the west. It’s 1.487m high mountain than the sea level, the weather is cool all year. One day has 4 seasons, and considered the second of the central Vietnam. Nature is as a picture, no where have been

Ba Na moutain is destination where is not miss when come to Danang

Danang’s Ngu Hanh Son mountain that is about 7km to center of Danang city, next to Ngu Hanh Son is five rock moutains (Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son and Tho Son), look like moutains rise up broad sand hill. Come to Ngu Hanh Son, traveller often go to Thuy Son moutain, Tam Thai pagoda, Huyen Khong caves, Linh Nham cave…

Ngu Hanh Son mountain at Danang

Son Tra is a peninsula look like a mushroom shape of Son Tra trousers, it’s about 10km to center of Danang city to the north east. Come to Son Tra, traveller going to experience activities as explore old forest Son Tra, go to the beach, enjoy fishing, diving, visit Linh Ung pagoda

Son Tra peninsula look like a mushroom shape

Open source dalat travel guide, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more. Danang’s Hai Van pass is between Thua Thien Hue provincial and Danang city. With height near 500m above sea level, Hai Van pass is most beautiful pass and most rugged in Vietnam. View from HaiVan pass, Vietnam’s beautiful long beach appear

Hai Van pass look from above. Read more temple of literature hanoi hours

Travel to Danang, traveller can’t miss Han romantic river and Song Han bridge — is first rotating bridge in Vietnam. Every night, Song Han bridge is beautiful hightlights in the middle of Danang city. About 0h30 everyday, middle part of Song Han bridge turns 90 degrees around the axis, along streaming of river, open road through for large ships, about 3h30, bridge will turn around like original

Rotating bridge on Han river at Danang

Weather at Danang

Danang is located in the tropical climate, high temperature and less change. Weather in Danang is a place transition between climate in the North and South, with outstanding is climate in the South. One year has 2 season, rainy season starts from August to December and dry season starts from January to July, sometimes it’s a little bit cold, but no bold and no long. Follow experience travel to Danang, best time for travel to Danang is in the summer.

Moving to Danang

If the move is by airline, both of Vietnam Arirlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstart flights straight line to Danang. And they often have promotions on tickets to Danang. Fare to Danang, depending on airline brand, but it can range from 600.000vnd to 2.200.000vnd, the move take 1 hour 30 minutes

If the move is by train, Danang railway station is in the heart of the city, the moving is very easy. This is safe vehicle and traveller can enjoy sighseeing of Vietnam. Depending on the type of train and seat class that the fare can range from 300.000vnd to 1.200.000vnd, the move take 14–20 hours from Hanoi/Saigon to Danang

Additionally, traveller can also move by bus. Bus station is nearly the heart of city, broad road and clean. All provincial of Vietnam have bus to Danang. You can choice common car company as Hoang Long, Mai Linh, Thuan Thao, the fare ranges from 400.000vnd to 500.000vnd, the movie take 18–20 hours from Hanoi or Saigon to Danang

Culinary at Danang

Mi Quang is considered special food at Danang that anyone want to enjoy. When eatting, people have to eat by right way: add a little bit lemon, a little bit sauce in the prepared bowl, eating mix with a piece of chili… Additionally, traveller also enjoy famous food at Danang as Bun Cha Ca, Banh Trang rolled meat, Bun Mam….

Mi Quang — special food at Danang

Shopping at Danang

Cồn market and Hàn market are large size, located on main road of the city. Customer can look for anything as special local foods and goods imports. Bai Tho supper market is new place shopping with many types of goods, nice position and modern where attract amount of customer come here to shopping and sightseeing. Area center of the city is main shopping district

Han market — A famous shopping place at Danang

With general information about Danang tourism that we provide above, we hope you guys will have some basic knowledge before starting a Danang tourism is interesting and meaningful