Floating market in Can Tho — Vietnam

Floating market is one of the characteristics of Western Viet nam. This is a form of market existed long time ago and closely linked to the cultural life of the people here. Most of the Western provinces of Vietnam have this kind of market with similar form, but diverse in commodities and especially with three main markets: Cai Rang (Can Tho City), Cai Nha Be (Tien Giang province), Phung Hiep market (Hau Giang province).

Although this is a form of meeting market on the river, the floating market does not lack any items, from fruits to seafood, poultry, and even cloth, shoes, sewing … Even the food shops are also gathered on the river. You can sit on the boats to enjoy the rustic breakfast dishes such as a fragrant slice of coconut leaves and a bowl of hot noodle soup, sipping morning coffee and even buy some lottery tickets.

Only about one kilometer wide river, hundreds of boats on the river crept create an extremely busy scene. The boats cram together and deftly dodge dozens of other boats, but there almost never has accidents. Seeing tourists raise camera, sellers not only avoid, they smile real big and sometimes they pose with adorable gestures.

As one of the three largest floating market in southwest Vietnam, Cai Rang floating market is always crowded by buyers and sellers. Weekdays, the market meets from 3pm to 9 am. Time to close the New Year, the market almost meets all. In the Cai Rang floating market, visitors not only satisfy with the boats filled with fruits, agricultural products, but also enjoy a variety of food services which are identify features of Tay Do, such as: noodles, coffee, floating tavern… Read more the temple of literature

You will also be impressed with how unique marketing “Selling what hangs” of the people here: hanging things for sale on a pole called “fat tree”, so visitors can see from afar.

Attraction of the floating market for tourists is to preserve, promote wetland characteristics and freshness of goods here. Not only preserve cultural beauty waterways, floating markets today are considered as the tourist attraction points that tourists, especially foreigners who love to explore and experience.

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Floating Markets have attracted a large number of western tourists. According to statistics, Cai Rang floating market has about 300–500 visitors per day and this number nearly doubles in the days of Tet.

Although this form of market also exists in many neighboring countries like Cambodia or Thailand, but the floating markets in Vietnam have remained as the attractive destination points for tourists, not only because of the diverse things on sale, but also by casual lifestyle, innocence and naivete of the people of the Southern delta. Find things to do in danang: temple, museum, pagoda those places should not be missed when travelling to Da Nang.

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