Kopi Teh shop — shop for your delicious drinks in Hanoi

Although the weather in Hanoi is shifting these days to collect there in cold, so that the drink is fresh, fragrant milk from tea, coffee cups comparable characteristics, the nutritious smoothie to the dish sweet jelly, has not ever been young love both. The full set of delicious drinks that Kopi Teh always been named as one of the delicious bar drinks leisure capital Hanoi this juggernaut.

Referring to Kopi Teh young will often mention three things that should stand out from the thousands of shop away shop with delicious desserts in Hanoi, it’s delicious pudding dishes, space and eye-catching decorative seeking attitude the staff. Kopi Teh located at 108 Quan Thanh Street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi with sleek two-story space, clean, meticulously decorated, eye-catching, youthful with classic black and white, the picture on the wall funny and extremely cute picture frames. Restaurant is open from 8am to 22h and free parking. Staff at Kopi Teh always friendly, greeting customers with a smile, dedicated service, attentive, always bring satisfaction to customers.

Kopi Teh-known and popular with a small part as an extensive menu of the restaurant, but the price per drink to the cakes, jelly has not reached 45000. The most famous is the delicious jelly in Kopi Teh with many flavors, perfumed sweetness of mango jelly, jelly caremen Japanese, somewhat sweeter chocolate agar for you like sweet, tasty jelly Japanese green tea cool saint, somewhat more tart of fresh tea leaves … Export price only 20000 each delicious. Find things to do in danang: temple, museum, pagoda those places should not be missed when travelling to Da Nang.

Teh Kopi more milk teas very young love, as Thailand milk tea, milk tea Taiwan sweetness, many jelly, many buffalo legs with many flavors of vanilla, peach, mint, strawberry, apple … bar bar bitter price from 28000 to 350000. The only vitamins, coffee and tea as tea flowers other than Vietnamese sweet whipped sour, sour lemon tea cool … at Kopi Teh is also chosen so young much, from 15000 to 40000 price per cup.

Teh Kopi have all kinds of delicious cakes as Japanese crepe cake, sponge cake salted egg blue … for you to sip the delicious drinks. Kopi Teh always promises to be the ideal location for you to relax, gather your friends, hang out with family … special, you will not have any regrets from Kopi Teh reach.

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