strange dishes in Hanoi

Chicken rice three times, bread butter bun meat or fish skewers are interesting choices for your swap in exploring culinary capital.

After Tet is the time many people planning to seek new delicacies. Here are four familiar dishes, but not everyone knows can complement their menu.

1. Chicken Rice three sessions

Besides chicken rice, you can enjoy chicken salad and egg colon also equally attractive. The price is 58,000 dong a share rice

Previously, to enjoy chicken rice three sessions, many people should bother to Hoi An. However, today, these culinary devotees no conditions go far has been able to enjoy at Hanoi.

This dish here while ensuring full ingredient is rice, chicken, herbs and onion create eye-catching colors. Recipes are still under general public to always chewy crispy chicken, soft and slightly sour salad. The rice according to the number of diners the sometimes wet, not to make the taste is not complete.

Shop is located at No. 66 Ba Trieu and is open daily from 10h to 21h.

2. Roll Noodle fish meat

The composition of this dish apart from white noodles, sweet and sour broth, fried perch, green vegetables, sprouts are also added two other attractive materials as fish rolls and rolls.

Fried crispy and golden straw. When released into the bowl of noodles not too friable due to water damage. While many people fish rolled up more interest. Mince, mix mushroom was placed in fish flesh soft, white and then roll back. For components that are cohesive, workers will roll through a layer Fried dough and fried.

3. Bread butter barbecue skewers

Not breads served with a skewer of meat usual, small shop owners before elementary principal port Quang Trung added butter to this dish even more appealing. Soft butter, fragrant meat blended with burnt edges create bold flavor hard to resist. But precisely because it makes this dish only with those who know you day or dairy items.

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4. Quail roasted peppers salt

Quails clean then marinated spices characterized as salt, pepper, lemon grass and grilled over charcoal browned. However, this is still not the final stage of this dish. The next step, shippers will perturbed add a chili salt plays again. At this point, the dish is ready to serve diners.

Served with grilled bird disc is bowl viscous red sauce sour spicy, sweet pleasant. Bird meat soft, brittle bones can eat is always a plus side naturally sweet, charming. A small child with big VND10,000 and VND30,000.

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