The Traxel Token

Tranxel Token
Jun 14, 2018 · 1 min read

Tranxel aims to encourage the adoption of Blockchain system by providing tools and materials in form of accessible templates for Blockchain interaction that is easily accessible to everyone without the prior need for any coding knowledge.

It also seeks to reward people who contribute to open source development by rewarding them based on the community decision. Each token holder is a community member and can give to the community.

The goal of Blockchain is decentralization and freedom without the need for a third-party. Tranxel is a platform that puts the aforementioned points as its guiding principle. In a bid to make sure that decentralization and no third-party interaction is a common goal, it provides the means as a Platform, to encourage active participation in achieving this goal.

Blockchain seems complex to the average man, but through Tranxel platform, the average person can easily deploy without the prior knowledge of Blockchain programming, his applications, and systems, by using already made, easily accessible and simplified open source templates from the Tranxel library.

Templates on the Tranxel platform are ready made applications and system deployment builders with friendly interfaces, simplified enough to use without any prior programming knowledge

To the average person, Tranxel is Blockchain made Simple and ready!!


Min Purchase= 0.01 ETH
Send 0.01 Eth=100,000 Txl
Send 0.05 Eth= 500,000 Txl + 50,000 Txl bonus
To Smart Contract=0x2065cad6a682475e5816998110af7dee1ec0fd6b

Get Tranxel Airdrop: Here

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