Your response just begs the question: “Why did Warren Beatty get the wrong card?”
Robert Harvey

What was printed on the cards was right. That’s my point. The initial error is in Dunaway and Beatty being given the wrong card, but it is compounded by Dunaway (and let’s not forget, this is an actress with over 50 years experience who has been nominated for Academy Awards three times and won once, so no stranger to ceremonies like this) just blurting out the first thing she saw.

She should know that the award for Best Picture is given to the producers of the film — they’re the ones who are listed and mentioned in the montages that they have just watched immediately before making the announcement. Did she not question why the words written on the card were exactly the same as the previous award for a different category entirely?

These are the issues which caused the error, but the writer of this article chooses to basically ignore them in favour of a totally trivial matter so he can just say ‘hey look, I can re-arrange words on a card.’

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