Stress is not needed.

I always thought you have got to be a one man army with a bag full of plans in order to achieve something, in order to make a mark , a dent in the universe. But in that rush hush desperation I somehow forgot to live and acknowledge what this beautiful life presents to me.

I have been stressed and that is not leading me anywhere. This is true.

Stay happy and rejoice, live every moment, get lost , don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you shall recover, make them.

Don’t hurt people. And pursue your passion in utter madness, none shall hamper that. Don’t make living difficult for yourself and others who love you.

Respect, love and do what makes your life worth living.

Also, don’t regret , just learn and grow.

You can live , love and cherish it all :)

Have that inner belief, you are stepping towards your destiny each passing sec. Make it, what ou would want it to be.

Live the life you want to live. Free yourself from mediocrity and panicky.

Life is so much more than a handful of people and a bucketful of thoughts.

Widen your horizons and embrace your fears.

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