10 Ways Landlords Can Keep Their Tenants Happy

Keeping tenants happy is important for any landlord who wants to succeed in the housing market. A regular rotation of new tenants is costly. Home repairs, admin fees, properties sitting empty in between leases — it all adds up. The most valuable tenants are the ones that stick around awhile, take care of your property while in possession of it, and then pass a kind word along regarding you as a landlord to future potentials.

Essentially, good tenants beget more good tenants when you treat them well. You could say, “Take care of them, and they’ll take care of YOU.” On that note, here are 10 of the best ways you can take care of them.

1. First Impressions Count

Just like anything else in life, first impressions are important, so make a good one from the very first meeting. Ensure you are there ahead of the potential tenant, and do a quick sweep of the property to make sure it’s clean and inviting in order to attract the kind of people you want most.

2. Housewarming Gifts are a Nice Touch

It doesn’t take much to make a tenant feel appreciated. Something simple like a card, a selection of coffees or teas, a dessert loaf, a fruit basket, cookies…there’s no limit to inexpensive ways you can make them feel welcome.

3. Reward Multiyear Tenants

Send them a little token of thanks for being loyal and staying with you for so long. Perhaps a gift card for groceries or a local restaurant, or a certificate to do something fun at a local attraction. Birthday cards, holiday gift baskets — it doesn’t take much. A little kindness goes a long way.

4. Make the Rules Very Clear

Tenants will appreciate knowing exactly what to expect from you as a landlord, and what is expected of them. Make sure they have everything needed to maintain the home, and be willing and available to answer any questions or concerns they may have. Let them know what’s required on their end as far as maintenance and upkeep, and what you will cover.

5. Be Personable but Professional

Check in with them every once in awhile, so they know you’re there and available if they need anything (especially after their first month or so of living in the property), but otherwise keep a healthy distance. People enjoy their privacy and don’t want to feel as though they have their landlord constantly breathing down their necks. Even the most well-intentioned motives can rock the boat and interfere with a great landlord/tenant relationship.

6. Stay on Top of Tenant Issues

Nothing sends a tenant packing like a landlord that doesn’t appear to care about their problems. If something needs repairing, make sure it gets done in a timely manner. If it’s an emergency situation, take care of it immediately. If they have a concern or complaint, address it as soon as possible.

7. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The exterior of your home is the first thing a tenant will see when considering a move. Make sure it’s well-maintained and that things like trash cans are cared for and in good working order. Think of the exterior like a book cover… you want it to sell the property, and it has to look nice and inviting in order to do that. Once a tenant moves in, maintaining it to that level of expectation is equally important so they stay long term. If you let the exterior fall apart, you risk losing a great tenant.

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