Writing When You Might Be Wrong
Hunter Walk

Love This Topic

I would equate a blogger’s/entrepreneur’s fear of being wrong and failing with a climber’s fear of falling… let me elaborate.

I got into rock climbing a few years back. I excelled quickly at first, moving into the higher ranks of “novice” within a day; and then fear, crippling, all-consuming fear. There I was, halfway up the climbing wall, helplessly stuck. My being stuck had very little to do with my physical ability, but rather the preconceived notion I had of what it was like to fall while climbing. I didnt take the risk of trying the next move, and down-climbed to the floor instead. There is nothing more shameful than down-climbing a route at a climbing gym because you didn’t think you could do a hard move. The only reason I subjected myself to that shame is because I was afraid to fall. Eventually I got over my fear, and being liberated of that made me a better climber overnight. When you aren’t afraid to fall you are willing to take chances and oftentimes those chances pay off.

The moral of this story is, much like overcoming the fear of falling while on the rock leads to better climbing, removing the fear of being wrong will undoubtedly lead amateur bloggers to create incredible content. Yes you may get it wrong a few times, but so what? The most shameful thing you can do is never even try. That and down-climbing… don’t ever down-climb.

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