A Pit Bull Knows

This is my favorite picture of my pit bull Mille.

It always feels strange to say that, considering it just looks like a dull, stark picture of a black pit bull laying on the floor. But it’s so much more than that.

In October of 2013, I had back surgery. It was nothing major; my wife Becky was only a few years out from artificial disc replacement surgery, so my microdiscectomy should have been a cakewalk. But still, I was knocked out and someone cut into my back and shaved down my herniated disc. Not major, but also not a cakewalk.

When I got home, I was hurting pretty bad and still coming down from the anesthetic, so I went straight to the bedroom to sleep it off. Becky was concerned that Mille would jump on me or otherwise bother me while I tried to sleep, so she shut the door to keep her out.

I slept for about two hours. Mille didn’t move from this spot during those two hours. Right outside the door, on a hard laminate floor, for two hours. Because she knew I was in pain.

Perhaps it was just a weird coincidence that she wanted to lay on the uncomfortable floor outside our bedroom at that time. Perhaps I’m just reading too much into a picture.

I might think that way if this was the only time she acted in this way. But it isn’t, and many people in our lives have experienced her tender heart.

Whenever Becky is sad or sick, or I’m sad or sick, this beautiful being is connected to our emotions, and constantly wants to help. She doesn’t always know how, but she knows that if she gets close enough, we’ll show her.

This is my favorite picture of Mille, and it always will be, because it shows so clearly the pure heart that makes her want to ease any amount of suffering.

Somehow, she just knows.

If you have a similar story of your pet’s unconditional love, please share in the comments section below.