SOME moments you experience while travelling end up completely blowing you away, in ways you’d never have expected. They stay with you forever, and years later you still smile at the fond memories.

Why should we share our travelling experience???…..
People in general consider traveling as their personal interests. Travelling, whether for two three days or a year long, requires some planning. Unless you’re travelling for business or to visit family, you’re going to need some inspiring trip ideas. If you’re going on a long road trip, you’re going to need to prepare all the essentials; if you’re going to the beach, you’ll need to make sure the weather will cooperate; and if you’re travelling with your phone, tablet, or laptop, there are several important things you’re going to have to take care of.
After all this planning, with a trip that’s bound to be awesome, isn’t it a shame to keep your experiences to yourself? 
So, share your travelling experiences because:
- As time passes, you will find a lot of memories stick out but a million tiny ones list forever. How will you capture those memories? It’s good to process your experiences with someone, like a classmate or friend.
- Let, other people know about the places you have visited. It will encourage both you and listener.
- Share the culture, language and personality of people of that place you have visited, let them know about world and by this they will get that we all should respect others culture no matters how.
- You should also share your experiences during travelling. Let the others know how open minded you are.
- Your story matters and you have to tell it.
- Travel has a way a teaching you about the world and yourself. Few experiences offer the chance for self-discovery the way traveling does. Take time before, during, and after your trip to process your thoughts and feelings toward the experience and yourself.

Things to remember during travel…
1) Pay your attention to all the major landmarks and don’t forget to know its History.
2) Experience; don’t miss out the moments that can be more than schedule.
3) Try writing yourself a postcard from every city you visit, recording a memory, feeling, or experience you had there.
4) Remember people you met.
5) Do not miss out the rituals, culture of the people living at place you are visiting.

How to share your travelling experience???….
Invite friends at home:
Throw a party where everyone has a chance to share about their experiences and look through photos. The key is inviting people into your story and experiences.
There are always more stories, reflections, and memories to be shared. Blogging is a great way to share your travelling experience, writing about your trips makes it easier for friends and family at home to keep up with your journey and feel like they are experiencing it with you.
Share your photos:
Photo journals are far less demanding of the reader, and can sometimes even do a better job of conveying the extreme variety you can encounter in a day’s travels. 
Photo journals are far less demanding of the reader, and can sometimes even do a better job of conveying the extreme variety you can encounter in a day’s travels. 
Photographs explain everything. By sharing photos you can share your experience with your family and friends. 
Today internet is the best way to share your experience.

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