A Trip Full Of Nature, Adventure And Fun

Northeast India is a naturally blessed region. Mountains, greenery, forests, wildlife and landscapes — the region has it all. Comprising of seven states commonly known as the ‘Seven Sisters,’ the Northeast is meant for the most discerning travellers who love to explore every aspect of nature and create everlasting memories in the journey.

The state of Assam is one such exotic destination which is the gateway to the region. Book your flights to Guwahati for an adventure of a different kind. Nature, culture, festivals, spirituality and culinary delights are the exclusive things to see and experience in this veritable paradise. This awesome mix makes you realise how beautiful the world is and with great domestic flights tickets, you can easily accessible this beautiful destination.

The list of attractions in Assam is a long one. Here’s a lowdown on a few of them.

Kaziranga National Park: Spread over 430 sq. kilometres, Kaziranga National Park is one of the major highlights of a trip to Assam. A fabulous escape for wildlife lovers, the park is home to a diverse array of animal life which includes the famous one-horned rhinoceros, tiger, elephant, sambar and deer.

Kamakhya Temple: Perched up on Nilachal Hill, 800 feet above sea level, this famous Hindu Temple is a World Heritage Site and an integral part of the country’s cultural heritage. People of all faiths visit the temple to experience ultimate divinity.

Manas National Park: Lying alongside the beautiful Manas River on both sides, the Park is divided into two sections — the grasslands and the forests. It is home to a huge variety of animals, reptiles, amphibians and birds.

Dibru Saikhowa National Park: At an altitude of 118 metres above sea level, the Park is one of the main biodiversity hotspots in the world. It is an abode for aviary lovers and treats them with great diversity which also includes rare and endangered endemic and migratory birds.

Dipor Bil: Dipor Bil is a freshwater lake. The wetland, surrounded by lush greenery, is home to an array of birds, land fauna and aqua fauna. Aquatic vegetation also offers a great sight.

River Brahmaputra Cruise: A cruise down the Brahmaputra River is a great way to explore the scene beauty of the surroundings in total comfort and relaxation. Assam Bengal Navigation operates long distance river cruising and includes wildlife viewing, tea garden tours and village walks.

Assam is a rich, green land. Explore its wonders by booking cheap domestic flight to Guwahati. The trip will surely leave rejuvenated.