Muscat: A Rewarding Experience

Oman is a small country and just as good things come in small packages, so is Oman packed with a multitude of things to see and do. From desert landscapes to a rugged coast and beautiful beaches, traditional souqs to contemporary shopping centres, exotic food to great Arabian hospitality, this country is indeed special in a number of ways.

Muscat: A bustling capital city at the fore but when you delve deeper, you will find that it still has its ancient traditions and culture intact. This is what makes it unique from other tourist destinations across the globe. The city is a beautiful mix of the old and the new and also of man-made and natural attractions. While you can soak up the culture on one side, you can explore its scenic side on the other. A journey to this destination is indeed fulfilling and enriching.

Al Bustan Palace: Nestled between the striking Hajar Mountains and the shimmering sea, Al Bustan Palace is a perfect example of grandeur with a heavy dash of Omani hospitality. It boasts of world-class facilities and luxury par excellence. The Six Senses Spa is its major highlight.

Bait al Zubair Museum: Muscat has many museums, but this museum is one of the best ones with its extensive collection of antiquities and cultural exhibits.

Dune bashing: This adrenaline pumping adventure activity, up, down and around the imposing sand dunes in the Empty Quarter is certainly one of the best experiences that you can have in Muscat. Book a desert excursion tour and enjoy the rugged landscapes in your SUVs.

Wadis: Wadis are perhaps the most alluring attraction in a desert region. This holds true or Muscat as well. Wadi Al Arbeieen is one of the most visited places for a day trip from the city. It offers a perfect retreat for fun, adventure and leisure.

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