Romantic Indulgences Of Hong Kong

Travelling is always fascinating. It is an experience that stays with us for a lifetime. And if we plan a trip with our loved one, both the journey and the destination becomes a perfect holiday. You can fulfill this dream of yours by booking your international cheap air tickets. With its endless possibilities and striking contrasts, the city is a paradise for soul mates. With its towering skyscrapers, spectacular harbors and abundance of recreational options, Hong Kong is sure to keep you indulged all throughout your stay.

Strolling along the Avenue of Stars, relaxing at the spa, enjoying a romantic cruise or a candlelight dinner, every indulgence is a sheer delight with your loved one.

Some romantic hotspots of this amazing city include:

Victoria Peak: At a height of 396 metres, the Peak Tower offers panoramic views of the island city and its lush forests. The vistas from here are nothing but sensational. You can take the perfect picture of the two of you with the beautiful scenery as a backdrop. The Tower also has an awesome restaurant and a museum.

Sai Kung Country Park: A superb example of natural beauty, the park comprises of hills, valleys, a gentle coastline and plenty of stunning beaches. Here you enjoy swimming, kayaking, hiking, strolling or simply relaxing. There are waterfalls and excellent rock formations that will give a truly ideal experience.

Helicopter Tour: This is an unmatched exploration of the dynamic and breathtaking city of Hong Kong. It is operated from the rooftop of Peninsula Hotel and gives a bird’s eye view of its waters, jungles, and buildings. Isn’t this a thrilling indulgence with the perfect companion by your side?

Symphony of Lights: The spectacular laser light and music show is one of the greatest attractions of Hong Kong. So plan an evening out for this event that is presented everyday at 8 pm. The five themes of the show highlight different aspects and they are a pleasure to watch.

Hong Kong is rich in terms of its offerings to its visitors — a city that will always be there in your heart. Visit the destination with international air tickets and discover its varied attractions.