Stay Like Royalty At Abu Dhabi

The premium hospitality of Abu Dhabi has become its trademark, especially when it comes to the tourism industry. People often schedule their vacations to here keeping in mind the incredibly luxurious welcome that the Arabs host for their guests. One such landmark of Arab hospitality is Emirates Palace, one of the finest luxury hotels that can offer you warm and cosy accommodation after your land here via book international flights.

Initially it was constructed with the sole purpose of curating the Arabian culture. But today it serves as an upscale hotel too that has a total of 394 rooms. Since it was constructed as a palace, its location is straight out of fairytales too. Its windows open up to a sizzling 1.3 km long coastline of a private beach. And the surrounding of this palace is carefully accommodated by beautiful lawns and gardens that make even the cynics go poetic while roaming around here out of sheer serendipity. International tickets offers will you sufficient margin to get a fine suite for yourself in this hotel while you are in the city.

People who have stayed here often describe its class as beyond seven stars. According to them, the service quality of this hotel is more like that of a palace where each and every guest is treated like a king. There are a total of 92 luxurious suites available within this hotel, few of which are furnished in marble and gold. The structure of this hotel comprises of central building and two adjoining wings that consist of many entertainment centres within them. Conference rooms, outdoor pools, tennis courts, rugby and cricket pitch are few other facilities that the tourists can count on while they are zeroing in on a staying option to go along with their booking of international air tickets.

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