Top Things To Do In Amsterdam

Known as the ‘Venice of the North,’ Amsterdam is a fascinating tourist spot to explore. The city boasts a rich history, vibrant culture and a beautiful canal network in addition to numerous monuments and a range of activities for travellers. The alluring destination is an all weather tourist place and offers a scintillating vacation for relaxation and fun. With increasing international air flights, cheap tickets online and fabulous air travel deals, Amsterdam has emerged as a favourite escape for all kinds of travellers. From Mumbai to Amsterdam, there are several 170 flights and the lowest fare starts from.

Top Things to Do

Enjoy Cycling: The most common passion of the people of Amsterdam is cycling. No wonder the city has more numbers of two-wheelers than its entire population. There are over 800,000 bicycles in the city and it’s an ideal way of touring the wonderland. It has a great cycling network and the flat landscape makes it even easier to take this adventure. Cycling is the best way to explore the streets, canals and other attractions of the city as it is safe and a joy-ride indeed.

Explore the Canal Cruise: Amsterdam features world-famous canal houses, waterways and bridges and the canal cruises are the best way to explore and admire the city. The gorgeous and exemplary canals were created in 17th century to protect the city from seawater. Now it is a UNESCO protected area which receives loads of visitors every year. Floating along the canal in lit up surroundings or even in the day provides a magical effect and there are plenty of different canal cruises which travellers can choose from.

See and Feel Tulips: A visit to Amsterdam is incomplete without experiencing the classic Dutch essential — tulips. The best symbol of Dutch culture can be seen in full blooms during the spring season. Take a trip to the world’s only floating flower market at the Bloemenmarkt to see and feel the colourful world of the flowers. The other places which offer exciting vistas of tulips include lowland fields between Harleem and Leiden. Amsterdam Tulip Museum in Jordaan is best place to know more about the tulips.

Witness the Delightful Windmills: Apart from canal, tulip and cheese, the windmills are also a classic Dutch experience. There are still eight remaining windmills in Amsterdam which are exciting and joyful to watch. If you like beer, explore the Oostelijke Eilanden as it is home to a windmill which also boasts an award winning artisan microbrewery. Take a 30-minute guided tasting tour to relish the taste and feel the atmosphere.

Amsterdam is a great place for relaxation and adventure. Availability of plenty of cheap international air flight tickets provided by domestic and international flight operators makes it more accessible and enjoyable for travellers.

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