A Glut Of Adventure Activities In Dubai

Dubai welcomes all kinds of travellers from across the planet. The range of visitors includes luxury seekers, adventure junkies and leisure tourists. The divine place has served each category of guests with utmost satisfaction. While the destination is known for its wondrous modern structures and luxurious lifestyle and shopping avenues, the metropolis is also a prime place of interest for thrill seekers. The wide range of options from sky, water and land makes the city a must place to explore. As it is connected with the world through a number of direct flights to Dubai, getting cheap air tickets to Dubai from UK is easy.

Must Seek Adventures

Skydiving: The unforgettable adventure of skydiving anywhere in the world is sufficient for an exhilarating experience and if it can be combined with awesome views of the modern wonders of Dubai, it becomes all the more delightful. Dubai offers this spectacular activity for both experienced and even first-time skydivers, ensuring complete safety. The jump zone is located near the Palm Jumeirah and the divers can also get incredible views of this fabulous man-made island from the sky.

Ballooning: If you are interested in discovering the diverse and gorgeous landscapes of Dubai from the sky, take a scintillating hot air balloon tour. The exciting exploration will take you above more than 1,000 metres from ground and present a unique way of seeing the sand dunes, sunrise, oasis, emerald-green sea water and lots of wandering camels. Travellers can choose from a daily tour or an exclusive private charter for this amazing thrill.

Desert Safari: The characteristically Arabian experience, desert safari is an integral part of any adventure tourism. The mega-city offers plenty of options to indulge in this desert affair. Travellers can go wandering in the adventurous 4x4 safari, camel ride, and other traditional options such as henna tattoo and desert camping. The camps are fully equipped with all the facilities and they serve authentic and delicious fireside feast along with traditional performances.

Water Sports: Dubai gets really hot during summers especially in the day time; so here come the magnificent water sports for your rescue. Enthusiastic travellers can indulge in all kinds of water sports mainly sailing, surfing, banana boating and windsurfing. The fascinating destination offers plenty of places for endless adventure. People, who do not want to play in water or explore the outdoors, can easily roam in some of the luxurious air-conditioned avenues of the city.

Motorsports: Speed thrills and Dubai is a pioneer destination where you can fulfil all your dreams for speed and excitement. It offers breathtaking motorsports adventures. The exclusive way to indulge in speed includes quad biking, dune bashing safari, and an unforgettable experience at the Dubai Autodrome.

Dubai flights are the gateway to reach the dream adventure destination. The blessed city has all the tourist facilities and endless number of fun-filled activities for indulgence. Travellers who can plan well in advance have every chance to get cheap flight to Dubai from UK.