Denpasar Bali: A Warm Blend Of Serenity And Comfort

Denpasar Bali is a tropical paradise which is thronged by a huge number of tourists every year. The city has all kinds of attractions like beaches, historic sites, cultural encounters, amusement parks, food and nightlife. In short, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a perfect beach holiday or a romantic vacation, Denpasar is the destination that will perfectly meet all your travel expectations. While the city has the usual hustle and bustle, if you travel to the outskirts, there are places that offer you serenity in the laps of nature. Both the contrasts have a distinct charm and tourists equally enjoy the natural places as well as the city’s contemporary attractions.

Kuta is the main town of Denpasar that has all tourist facilities like hotels, restaurants, malls, cafes, shopping centres, spas. Most of the important places of interest are at a short distance. There are many local shops as well that sell Balinese handicraft products and other knick knacks.

The places of interest make a long list. Some of them are as follows:

Bali National Museum: This place is well worth a visit if you want to know about the art, culture and history of the region. Situated in the heart of the city, the museum features several buildings and pavilions that display traditional artefacts and prehistoric and historic objects pertaining to Balinese architecture, textiles and art.

Pura Jagatnatha: Built in 1953, this temple dedicated to the supreme god, Sanghyang Widi, is made out of white coral. The walls of the temple are carved and decorated with scenes from folklores and stories about Hindu epics, gods and goddesses. Two festivals are held here every six months — on the full moon and new moon.

Werdi Budaya Art Centre: This beautiful centre for art and culture is a great place to explore the rich Balinese heritage. Various art festivals, performances and events are held here and the Bali Arts Festival, organised in the mid of July is one of the most significant ones.

Puputan Square: The Square offers an open space where people come to indulge in various kinds of recreational activities. The shady trees give a touch of greenery and create a perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

St Joseph’s Church: It’s the stunning architecture of this building and the gorgeous interiors that make it worth exploring. Although it is small in size, but reflects rich detailing and an eclectic mix of colours. The altar is surrounded by intricate carvings which add a distinct touch to the designing.

With its amazing mix of attractions, Denpasar holds a top position in the wish-list of travellers. Your tickets to Denpasar Bali give you a chance to discover serenity, to soak in the hospitality and to treat yourself with the best of travel experiences you can think of.

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