Do The Rounds Of Dynamic Delhi

In Delhi, you will come across a number of religions and cultures so perfectly in sync with each other that it almost seems impossible to picture them separately now. The city has been blessed in every possible domain including the ethnicity sector that makes it home to the finest shrines that one might have ever laid eyes on. Just get on flights to Delhi and keep your eyes open for the myriad of pristine sights that you will pass around every other crossroad here.

If you want to look at the best of art, culture and architecture that the city has to showcase, plan a trip to the largest Indian mosque — Jama Masjid. Being close to famous attractions such as the Chandni Chowk and Red fort, it becomes easy for the wandering tourist to visit this place while they are in the neighbourhood. You can take a good look of the entire city and everything unique about it from the top. Cheap flight to Delhi from UK will drop you close to this prized possession of the Mughal era in no time so that you can take a relaxed and enlightening tour of this destination.

Entry is absolutely free here so don’t pay any heed to people stating otherwise. However, if you want to take the camera inside with you then you have to pay Rs 300 which is inclusive of Rs 100 that will be charged for the Minar climb otherwise. Steer clear of the so-called helpful guides as they are notorious for giving rushed tour and overcharging. This site is organised enough so that you can include this place too on your travel schedule that starts with booking cheap air ticket to Delhi from UK. The variety and sheer abundance of tourism hotspots will make every moment of yours here worthwhile.

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