Experiences Beyond Fantasy At Dubai

UAE has emerged as the flamboyantly rich sultan of the desert over the past few decades. One of its shimmering emirates is Dubai and that is where you need to be this year if you are in search of that fulfilling holiday experience in the middle of a glowing golden desert. Cheap flights to Dubai from UK are one of the best ways to take a trip of this enchanting city while being on a budget, or not if you are planning on splurging what you save here on some perfectly timed retail therapy.
People often say that an artificial object can never give you the satisfaction that you may get from the real deal. To those, I would like to suggest spending a day at the Palm islands. This is because they are the trinity of artificial beach perfection but the only thing unreal about them is the fun one get to have here since that amounts to boundless. Their location is by the side of Dubai coast which seems to be apt since the visitors get to experience the gradual gradient of the real beachfront to the artificial one and enjoy their levels of adventure escalate from real to fantastic. Cheap air tickets to Dubai from UK are your best bet for rejoicing a day in this heaven whenever you feel like doing so.

Dubai and luxury are often used interchangeably, since the former is just the life-size expression of the latter. If you don’t think so then a guided tour to the ‘Burj al-Arab hotel’ may change your mind which you can only enjoy if the hotel is not booked to full capacity. Before you start getting prejudiced about the level of elusiveness that this hotel demonstrates, you might like to know a bit more about this upscale chunk of sparkling luxury. Dubai flight from UK will lead you to this new-world palace of hospitality which is a seven star hotel and also the only one of its kind in the world. For enjoying a meal or luxurious stay, you need to book a reservation for the same about a month in advance. It is one of those places that need to be experienced in person to appreciate the level of perfection that they deliver.

Talking about extremes housed in Dubai, you might want to stop by the ‘Dubai Fountain’ too. It is the largest dancing fountain around the globe and its spectacular display will put even the most extensive laser shows to shame. This is because the aura that emanates from it is created by around 1.5 million lumens of light which is projected from various angles. The flow of the water and the lighting pattern is usually in sync with the music being played. Cheap tickets to Dubai from UK will let you enjoy the spectacular experience like these where around 22,000 gallons of water gets projected to 450 feet and that too while matching the beat with the Arabic, classical or world music. Situated nearby the Dubai Mall, this fountain adds to the beauty of Burj Lake on which it flows on a daily basis and a strict schedule.